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Yellow police tape, bullet casings, and rerouted traffic disturbed the members of Fellowship Baptist Church on the morning of Sunday, November 27, 2016.  Is it difficult to picture a crime scene in front of the church, home to believers of non-violence?  The answer is no; not anymore!  Earlier that Sunday morning around 2:20 a.m. one of the largest rolling gun battles took place at the corner of Gregory Blvd. and Prospect Avenue.

The Kansas City Police Department reported that officers observed suspects actively shooting at each other. Due to the gunfire, three vehicles were involved in an accident, and seven people were injured because of gunshots. KCPD requested assistance from eight different police agencies around the metro area.  That was an unusual amount of police presence on any given day. This was an incredibly volatile and dangerous situation with multiple active shooters. The incident endangered the lives of hundreds of people which covered eight square blocks.
Numerous houses around the church were struck with bullets.  Hundreds of bullet casings were found on the street and on the sidewalk in front of the church.  After careful examination of the building, no damage was found!  The Fellowship Baptist congregation knew that this was truly a miracle since the church was located in the epicenter of the violence.  

Although, no fatalities came out of this incident, how would you feel if the next violent act caused harm to you, your family members, someone you love, damaged your property, or even threatened your way of life?
In recent years, families in the area around the church have experienced a high level of crime, gaps in employment, and lack of education and training.  These factors wreak a terrible impact not only on individuals, their families, and friends but also on nearby residents and the fabric of the community.

Fellowship Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Marvin Tigner, declared a crisis in the community and rallied the congregation to adopt the slogan “Capturing this Corner for Christ.”   The church’s main goal is to meet the spiritual needs of people.  “We want to be a beacon of light in the community to meet people’s physical needs also,” stated Pastor Tigner.  Fellowship Baptist Church has been located as a staple at Gregory and Prospect since 1971.  The church, more than ever, deems it necessary to make a bigger impact in the neighborhood.  Supporting the slogan, in 2017 Fellowship made plans to break ground for future expansion of the church in order to serve in a greater capacity.  

Fellowship moves forward in providing solutions and resources to develop the spiritual and physical well-being of all people.  Sackett states, “The evidence on neighborhoods suggests several strategies for improving safety and neighborhood health. Investing in communities caught in cycles of crime, decay, and disinvestment can help reduce crime rates” (Evidence Matters 2016).   Strong community organizations and leadership can make a difference. Investments that support education, skills, and access to jobs may be necessary to address the root of violent crime in neighborhoods. Fellowship Baptist Church looks to galvanize the community for positive change.  

About Us

Seventeen members of the Highland Baptist Church, now the Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church of Kansas City, Mo., formed and organized the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church under the guidance of the Rev. C. S. Stamps in September, 1951. Council of ministers of the New Era District Association found that the new church was improperly organized because the dissenting members had failed to get dismissal letters from the Mother church.

The church was reorganized in February 1952 by Council of Ministers from the New Era District Association, moderated by the Rev. D. A. Holmes and the Rev. E. E. Chappell acted as its secretary. The congregation rented the old Boone Theater at 1711 E. 12th Street and later moved to 2433 Olive Street. On September 10, 1961 the congregation purchased property and burned the mortgage at 2547 Spruce Avenue. The following ministers, listed in chronological order, have served as interim  pastors and pastors:Reverend George Chris, Interim pastor; Reverend J. B. Randolph, interim pastor; Reverend Rubin F. Fields, first pastor ( a period of eleven months); Reverend P. W. Jones, succeeded Rev. Fields as pastor for a period of ten months; Reverend Samuel Rucker, interim pastor for three months; then, Reverend H. J. Wormley, Jr. was called as Pastor and served until his death, September 9, 1969.

The congregation then called to  pastor the Reverend Willard F. Warren, November 12, 1969. In April 1970 at the 2547 Spruce location, a conflict arose between the congregation and a black militant group in the area.  Consequently, the church suffered numerous break-ins, broken windows, disturbances during rehearsals, and other property damages.  Eventually, fire was set to the building causing the Pastor to declare the church in a state of emergency.  A meeting was called and the majority of members present voted to move from the Spruce Avenue location.  Later, dissent between the members caused the church to move as an incomplete group. The Western Baptist Bible College Chapel was secured as a place of worship for members who voted to follow the pastor, Rev. Willard F. Warren.  The congregation worshiped at the Western Baptist Bible College for a period of sixteen months, and then purchased property at 7106 Prospect. The church moved to the new location on November 7, 1971. In September 1971 the name Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church was changed to meet requirements of the state of Missouri.  The name was changed to Fellowship Baptist Church of Kansas City, Missouri,  Incorporated so that the church could operate as a non-profit organization.

The church membership has grown significantly. Reverend Willard F. Warren retired on June 6, 2010 after forty-one years of dedicated service and leadership to his congregation. Rev. Eddie Clark served as interim pastor for three months until October 17, 2010, when Reverend Robert E. Watson was installed to pastor Fellowship Baptist Church. Reverend Watson served until March 2014.

Reverend Eddie Clark served again as interim pastor until September 2014 at which time Reverend Marvin Tigner was called to pastor and was installed Novemember 9, 2014.

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